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Bring It Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, we are asking all of our members and advocates to “Bring It Home for the Holidays” by helping the Bring It Home Campaign, which is being led by ACL, by sending e-letters to the Governor urging him to increase state funding for community-based mental health housing programs, As you may already know, these programs have been severely underfunded for decades. The amount of these funds has a huge impact on everyone in your mental health housing programs, as well as the entire organization.

There are a couple of other ways you can help as well. Please see them all below. Bring It Home E-Letter Campaign

We’ve began an E-Letter Campaign where you can easily send a pre-written email to Governor Cuomo urging him to adequately fund mental health housing in his 2021-2022 Executive State Budget.

Step 1: Click this link –
Step 2: Enter your contact & location information.
Step 3: Hit “Send” and/or you can print and then snail mail the letter.

It’s that easy! You can also do this as many times as you want. So please share this with your co-workers, friends, and family! Follow Our Social Media Accounts ACL & the Bring It Home Campaign has a robust social media presence. We are asking all our members to share our social media accounts with their staff, as well as asking them to follow us and share/retweet our posts! Following our social media accounts will increase their knowledge about what ACL/ACLAIMH does to help them and their employer and to ensure that additional funding is provided for mental health housing: Association for Community Living/ACLAIMH – Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: (@ACLNYS) LinkedIn: Bring It Home Campaign – Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: (@BringItHomeNYS) Youtube Donate to ACLAIMH

We have created a way for you to donate to ACLAIMH to help with our work, which includes our continuing education initiatives, advocacy, and the Bring It Home Campaign. 

Former ACL Executive Director Toni Lasicki has created her own crowdfunding page for you to donate to!

Use this link to send a donation in her name:

You can also create your own crowdfunding page to share with your family and friends. Just use this link and tap the “Create My Own Fundraiser” and follow the instructions. If you have any additional questions about the above information, please feel free to contact ACL’s Social Media Coordinator Justin at Thanks for helping us Bring It Home this holiday season!
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