Recovery Services: Meet the Director!

Nadine A. McKenzie, MFT, CASAC-Advanced Counselor, Acting Director of Recovery Services, has always had the ability to connect with others. “It has been said I feel so comfortable talking to you”. This is a phrase that I have heard from my early teenage years until the present.  It didn’t mean much until my days as a secretary of the Headache Unit in the Bronx, New York. It was there that I found myself on the phone with clients who felt that they were on the edge of life. The simple grace to connect with someone and give them hope for another day, was and continues to be priceless.”

Recovery Services is here to help you through your journey recovering from alcohol and/or chemical dependence. Nadine and her team provide individual, family and group counseling, and support you as you pursue new beginnings.

To find the right program for you or your loved one, contact 845-472-iCan (4226).

MHA of Rockland Recognizes Juneteenth as a National Holiday


In recognition and standing in complete solidarity with the Black community, MHA of Rockland has decided to join so many other companies (and 47 states plus the District of Columbia) to observe Juneteenth as a holiday this year.  Juneteenth — a blending of the words June and nineteenth — is the oldest regular US celebration of the end of slavery.

Therefore this Friday, June 19th, MHA offices will be closed. We will take this time to focus on the critical work ahead in the pursuit of racial justice.  We thank our staff for being aware of the racial injustices among coworkers and serving our clients and residents.

With the enormous challenges that we are facing this year, we felt we needed to recognize that the racial trauma the country is experiencing now is not new.  That struggle surfaced once again in the national debate and massive Black Lives Matter protests that were sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on May 25.  While watching the actions over the past weeks there has been a sense that this time is, and has to be, different.  It is imperative that we live up to the ideal of moving together in a new united way. 

The June 19th holiday commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. But 155 years after the news of their emancipation finally reached slaves in Galveston, Texas, the world is still struggling with the issues of systemic racism and injustice.   

MHA of Rockland MHA has fought against injustices and we will continue our efforts to be an antiracist organization. We formed the Diversity Inclusion Awareness and Learning for Ongoing Unity and Equity (DIALOGUE) Committee to respond to a recognized need by the agency to reflect the ever-expanding diverse population of both staff and consumers. The Committee develops, implements and monitors agency practices and procedures and recommends policies to the President/CEO that will enable the agency to become and remain culturally competent. 

Cultural competency trainings are done on an ongoing basis for staff, board members, volunteers and interns. 

DIALOGUE Committee Members are Brandon Beachamp, Colleen Collier Newton, Jacob Misla, Fay Pettiford, and Sheilah O’Donnell. If you are interested in joining the DIALOGUE Committee, please reach out to Brandon Beachamp at

Mental Health Statistics

Living with a mental illness and/or addiction can affect the lives of many people, not just the person who has been diagnosed. This is why it’s important to know – and learn – as much about mental illness as possible.

As part of National Mental Health Awareness Month, MHA of Rockland County provides the following statistics:

With statistics like these, it’s important that we each do our part to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health. Contact MHA of Rockland County to learn about mental health issues. We also welcome and support families, friends, employers, and colleagues who care about those struggling with these issues.

Together, we can all help to connect people, educate families, and rebuild lives.

National Mental Awareness Month

For over a century, May has been observed as the month for National Mental Health Awareness. During this month, many media outlets, companies, organizations, and individuals from all around the world reach millions of people to speak about mental health issues, and ways to help you or your loved deal with a mental illness and/or substance abuse.

The Mental Health Association of Rockland County is one of those organizations, and we do our best to touch the lives of the tens of thousands of people across Rockland County, New York every day.

This month is extremely important because it is the time where we can reach more people, and teach them about the importance of understanding overall health and wellness. At MHA of Rockland, we strive to help connect people, educate families and rebuild lives.

On our website, you’ll find information about various mental health issues, and ways to help you reframe your illness – and define yourself not by your challenges but by your strengths and passions. If you’re interested in understanding more about mental illness for someone else, there are many programs for parents and families.

We also offer a comprehensive Self-Help Resources section, which is a listing of programs in the Rockland County, NY area.

We are proud to promote National Mental Health Awareness Month in a quest to raise awareness about mental illness. Further, we hope to help reduce the stigma of mental illness in communities across the County.

To learn more about National Mental Health Awareness Month, or how to understand a mental illness and/or addiction, contact Mental Health Association of Rockland County online.