MHA’s Client and Family Advocate is here to help you and your family. Here’s how:

What is the role of a Client and Family advocate?
A Client and Family Advocate establishes foundation relationships to better assist clients and families in need of mental health services. The Advocate will establish these relationships by listening to the client’s concerns in order to determine the most appropriate programs for them.
What will the Client and Family Advocate do for me?
A Client and Family Advocate assists in navigating and connecting various mental health services offered in order for the individual to become self-sufficient and improve their quality of life based on their own preferences and personal goals. Functions of the Client and Family Advocate include but are not limited to:
  • Connect the client and/or their family to existing community resources
  • Follow up with the client to ensure a positive connection was made
  • Respond to concerns raised by the client regarding the services provided
  • Show respect for the importance of the client and family’s cultural values

To connect with a Client and family Advocate, contact:

Jennifer Donnelly

845.267.2172 x296