Parent-Teen Support Group at MHA Rockland

Between trying to meet academic and extracurricular demands, and maintaining an active social life, each day brings many challenges and pressures to a teenager’s life. However, for adolescents with mental illnesses, these challenges are just the beginning of the struggles they face every day. Being a teen is difficult enough, but at MHA Rockland, we know that the combination of mental illness and teenage angst can feel quite overwhelming. As a parent, watching your child struggle is difficult and painful, which can leave you emotionally drained and exhausted.

The staff at MHA Rockland knows how tough these times can be for teenagers suffering from mental illness, as well as their family members, which is why we created the Parent-Teen Support Group. The concept behind the program is to give parents of teens in similar situations the opportunity to sit down and discuss the challenges and concerns they face as caregivers of adolescents with mental illness. Facilitators, all of whom have personal experience raising children with mental illness, lead each session. They step in to provide advice and support when appropriate, but let the parents interact and learn from one another as well.

Meanwhile, as parents sit and talk, their teens do the same. Adolescents also have the opportunity to vent their fears and frustrations, solicit advice, and share triumphs in their group therapy sessions with others their age who face the same difficulties. Both group sessions are low-key and informal, providing safe, supportive, and reassuring environments. Attendees of both sessions can enjoy refreshments and good company; adolescents can look forward to fun-filled activities, such as games, movies, special social events, and much more.

The Parent-Teen Support Group is a great way for parents and teens in Rockland County to work through unique challenges in a safe and supportive environment. We look forward to welcoming you to our circle.

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