Music Therapy

Meet Fernando! Fernando is a member of MHA of Rockland’s Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) program who has been playing his music since the young age of 9. An elementary school teacher noticed his talent and love of music, inspiring him to become a self-taught guitarist and share his gift with his peers. “The kids would chase me out to the parking lot after school. I’d run so fast to my dad’s car because I thought I was being bullied, but actually, they wanted me to play my guitar and sing! My songs would make people happy, which made me feel happy”, Fernando shared.

Fernando has found the PROS Music Therapy class to be therapeutic for both him and his peers. Music is powerful and can spark various emotions. The class is designed to show people how to use the technique of music therapy to explore their moods and emotions. Fernando is looking to expand his hobby and perform for audiences who would appreciate his gift.

For more information about PROS and the array of classes being offered, contact 845-267-2172 x200.