Quality Improvement

MHA Welcomes a New Department

By Nicole Annunziata, Director of Quality Improvement


Quality Improvement is a brand new department that was introduced to the agency in May 2018, although not a new concept to MHA. Over the past seven months, we have been able to closely track quality measures across the agency and within each unique department. This allows each program director to receive data on his/her program outcomes to help inform changes that may be needed to enhance the services our members receive. Collaboration within the departments has increased with a refreshed focus on data and how it helps inform new and improved workflows.

Initiatives such as the foundational belief of Zero Suicide, Tobacco Cessation Programs, initiation and engagement of treatment and reducing emergency department visits are just a few of the common goals of MHA and our community partners. We have had the pleasure of participating in various workgroups in the county, such as the Rockland Community of Care, led by our partners at Montefiore Hudson Valley Collaborative. This has strengthened our relationships with other Rockland based community organizations, served as a platform for sharing best practices and allows the members of our community to gain additional access to resources.  Although Quality Improvement has a large focus on data and outcome measures, our common goal is still to ensure that the members of our community are receiving all services that are available to them and that any social determinant of health needs are met.

We are excited to welcome Nicole Annunziata as the Director of Quality Improvement!  Formerly, Nicole was the Director of MHA’s Adult Care Management Department.

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