Recovery Services: Meet the Director!

Nadine A. McKenzie, MFT, CASAC-Advanced Counselor, Acting Director of Recovery Services, has always had the ability to connect with others. “It has been said I feel so comfortable talking to you”. This is a phrase that I have heard from my early teenage years until the present.  It didn’t mean much until my days as a secretary of the Headache Unit in the Bronx, New York. It was there that I found myself on the phone with clients who felt that they were on the edge of life. The simple grace to connect with someone and give them hope for another day, was and continues to be priceless.”

Recovery Services is here to help you through your journey recovering from alcohol and/or chemical dependence. Nadine and her team provide individual, family and group counseling, and support you as you pursue new beginnings.

To find the right program for you or your loved one, contact 845-472-iCan (4226).

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