For Adults: Recovery Services – Certified by NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports

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In light of COVID-19, we are offering our counseling, psychiatric,  and peer services VIRTUALLY and providing injections to clients ON SITE.

Here is a sample of services that we’re currently running via telehealth:

Intensive Outpatient Services (IOS)

IOS is intended for people whose substance use has had significant impacts on their life and who have not found success with less intensive services or whose use poses imminent risk to their wellbeing.     Have you ever said “If only I had known how substance use could affect my life…?”  So have others in IOS.  With COVID-19 going on, recovery is more challenging.  Our IOS  currently provides four virtual groups weekly, as well as individual counseling and peer support.

Early Recovery:

Early Recovery is intended for people whose substance use has negatively impacted their lives and whose wellbeing is not at imminent risk.  While less intensive than IOS, it provides many of the same building blocks of recovery which include an understanding of how substance use hijacks the brain, the process of change, how to identify and counteract triggers, and how to keep your own brain from tricking you.

Dual Success

This group is for those who have both substance use and mental health challenges.  If you struggle with both, you know how one condition can affect the other.     This group will give you a deeper understanding of how these two conditions interact and how you can be dually successful.  Topics will include the benefits of outside supports (e.g. peers, friends, family) and how to make best use of such support, the strengths and limitations of medications, and specific tools that address both mental health and substance use recovery.

Wellness and Sober Living

Overall wellbeing is greatly supported by balanced attention to multiple areas – your mind, body, and spirit.  This group takes a holistic approach and help participants engage in mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and body awareness – all of which have been shown to support recovery and promote happiness.  You will understand the fluid connection between mind and body and learn how to make these techniques part of your everyday life.

Relapse Prevention

This group is intended for those who have completed IOS or Early Recovery, have developed some basic recovery skills and are working on others.  Relapse prevention is a skill that requires a combination of knowledge and practice.  In this group, you will learn to identify your personal triggers and high-risk situations.

Coping Today

As a country and within our local communities, we are all going through an extraordinary time.  The stress associated with the pandemic can be triggering and jeopardize recovery.  This group will provide a “recovery community” in which fears can be openly addressed and tools will be shared for reducing anxiety and even finding meaning in all the turmoil.
Seeking Safety
Seeking Safety is a therapeutic program for those challenged by trauma, substance abuse, and/or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The underlying framework is that trauma is best addressed early on in chemical dependency treatment.  Seeking Safety offers tools that will help you create a sense of  “calm in the storm” of intense emotions that can arise due to past or recent trauma.

Individual Counseling

One-on-one support helps individualize coping strategies and other recovery tools so that they apply to your particular circumstances.

Medication Management

Through telehealth, we are providing psychiatric services to individuals actively enrolled in our program.  Medication assisted treatment is available for individuals with opioid use disorder and other substance use issues.  We are providing onsite injections for our clients.
Peer Support
Our certified peer recovery advocate is available is anyone with a substance use concern and their families – even if they’re not enrolled in our program.
Support for Families

Through individual and group counseling/education, family members and friends can learn how to respond to a loved one’s substance use in a healthy way while maintaining care of their own wellbeing.

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To learn more about Recovery Services, contact:

Nadine A. McKenzie, MFT, CASAC-Advanced Counselor
Acting Director
845-276-2172 x227