For Families & Friends: Parent-Teen Support Group

Parent Support and Teen Support Groups are held at the same time, offering parents and their children time to relax, find support, and learn from the experiences of peers.

As a parent/caregiver, you will have a place to discuss the challenges that you’re finding in raising a child with a mental illness. You will hear from other parents what has worked for them – and what hasn’t. In addition, you’ll hear from the group facilitators who themselves have personal experience raising children who have mental illness. Refreshments are served for these groups.

The Teen Support Group offers a healthy and supportive peer group for teens with mental illness. There are many hurdles to be overcome in adolescence and the addition of mental illness can make all of them even more difficult. The Teen Support will give your children place to enjoy games, play videos, have refreshments and socialize with other teens facing similar challenges.

The Support Groups are currently being offered virtually once a month on a Wednesday, September through June, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.


There is no fee.

Please call before attending to be sure that this is an appropriate event for you or your teen.

For more information on the Parent-Teen Support Group, contact:

Madlen Setian
Parent Partner
(845) 267-2172, x281