Integrated Pharmacy Services

Genoa Pharmacy

Full-Service Genoa Pharmacy Located Within MHA of Rockland

MHA of Rockland provides pharmacy services for our clients, staff and their families through Genoa Healthcare. Genoa is able to fulfill all their medication needs on-site to ensure that they’re provided with the best possible service experience.

Genoa Pharmacy Grand Opening within Mental Health Association of Rockland County, Inc. May 16 2019

Services Provided:

  • Expert Consultation
  • Convenient, On-site Fulfillment for all medications (not just behavioral health)
  • Mails all medications (at no extra cost) or you can pick them up at curbside
  • Organizes your pills based on the date and time you need to take them, making it easy to stay on track
  • Helps you transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies

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Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy

140 Route 303
Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Phone: 845.397.1574