Mission & Vision

Welcome to MHA of Rockland

The mission of the Mental Health Association of Rockland County is to provide mental health preventive, supportive, treatment and advocacy services to children and adults in our community.

As the basis for achieving its mission, the Board and Staff of the MHA endorse these values:

Hope:  Demonstrating the belief that individuals can find success, happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

Commitment: Dedicating ourselves to providing quality services and demonstrating responsibility, accountability, ethical behavior and integrity in everything we do.

Compassion:  Providing quality care and support through the recovery process.

Concern:  Promoting care for ourselves and our fellow employees in order to better serve the Rockland Community.

Respect:  Embracing and affirming the unique qualities, opinions and cultural differences of individuals.

Self-determination:  Encouraging independence and self-sufficiency.

Collaboration: Recognizing and promoting partnerships to increase the resources and opportunities available to our community.

We live this mission every day as we address the mental health needs of the residents of Rockland County. Our wide array of services can provide assistance to people throughout the behavioral healthcare spectrum. This may include those who want to address certain behaviors and feelings and those who have been addressing serious mental health illnesses and addictions for many years. We provide the support and guidance individuals need as they embark on their wellness journey.