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The Mental Health Association of Rockland is a primary source of community mental health treatment and empowerment programs for adults, children and families in Rockland County.

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A Message from MHA of Rockland About Recent Mass Shootings

Over the past few weeks, our nation has witnessed violent and heart breaking tragedies. Anger, pain, outrage, and fear are emotions that we may be experiencing following the atrocities in Texas, New York and elsewhere. We grieve for those who have lost parents and children— sons and daughters and other family members. They were co-workers, friends, neighbors and members of the community.

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We want you to know that the Mental Health Association of Rockland is here for you.

Please continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Especially for those whose lives have been touched by trauma of any kind, difficult feelings such as grief, sadness, anxiety and fear may re-surface upon hearing news of tragic or violent events. Please prioritize taking care of yourself, in whatever safe way works for you and reach out for help.

Adult Services
We offer a wide array of services that can provide assistance to people throughout the behavioral healthcare spectrum.
We offer a wide range of behavioral health and mental wellness services tailored to youth and families

We assist loved ones to understand and support recovery while fostering their own wellness.