Supervised Visitation Monitor

Program:  Children & Family Services

Per-diem; Part-time

Responsibilities:  Supervise court ordered visitation sessions between non-custodial parent(s) and their child(ren). Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to maintaining a safe emotional and physical environment during visitation; scheduling supervised visitation appointments; documenting each visitation completely and objectively in accordance with policies and procedures in a timely manner; arranging transportation for child(ren), if applicable; remaining neutral to all participants and completing relevant training as assigned.

Requirements:  Experience in the child welfare field preferred. Must complete supervised visitation training. Ability to work collaboratively with culturally diverse peers, community representatives, other staff within the organization and ability to relate well to clients and their families. Knowledge and understanding of issues and dynamics within families. Must have a positive attitude and ability to perform multiple duties. Excellent verbal, written and organizational skills. Experience working with a diverse population preferred. Valid driver’s license and the ability to travel to programs or other off-site facilities.



Successful candidates will be notified.