Mobile Outreach Team (MOT)

In 2016 MHA of Rockland was awarded an exclusive grant to work with people who had long-term inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations to regain a sense of independence through community integration, resource development and residential supports.

The Mobile Outreach Team (MOT) receives referrals from Rockland Psychiatric Center for individuals who are currently inpatient but beginning their hospital discharge process.

We support individuals all the way from discharge planning, to reestablishing community connections and to living independent and self-directed lives.

In general, MOT helps people live more independent and self-directed lives. So what does that look like?

  • Assisting in developing daily living skills e.g. shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, personal hygiene, etc
  • Helping with learning public transit or other transportation needs
  •  Friendly companionship to reduce isolating tendencies
  • Promoting social connections through day programs & community events
  • Assisting with benefits management and other financial needs
  • Providing additional medical and counseling supports
  • Linking to extended services such as Care Management, Vocational Services or ongoing treatment programs
  • MOT is personalized to the needs and goals of each individual—allowing for unique and customized support.

For more information about MOT, contact:

Alyssa Cole

Clinical Supervisor – Mobile Outreach Team

Office: 845•267•2172 x286