For Adults: Adult Care Management Program

If you have an ongoing medical or mental health condition, Adult Care Management might be for you to be as healthy as you can be, emotionally and physically.

Your Care Manager can assist you with:

  • Community supports (e.g. psychiatric, medical, therapeutic and social supports),
  • Information and help applying for entitlements (e.g. SSI/SSD, temporary assistance, food stamps).
  • Housing needs
  • Service dollars for health-related goals and urgent needs,
  • Medical appointment scheduling and appointment reminders,
  • Nursing consultation and medication review,
  • Obtaining transportation to and from appointments,
  • Assistance with discharge planning if you’re in the hospital, and
  • Advocacy with service providers

Fee: This is Medicaid-funded. Some individuals may qualify for free services even without Medicaid.  Call for information. 

To learn more about Adult Care Management, please contact:

Alyssa Schmidt

Director of Care Management

845•267•2172 x286