For Adults: Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

If you have experienced frequent hospitalizations and emergency room visits due to mental illness and have found outpatient programs to be insufficient for you, ACT may provide a blend of approaches that would better suit your needs.

The goal of ACT is for you to live a life that is not defined by mental illness. It is a mental health program without walls that allows you to receive enriched services while living in the community.

ACT is distinctive in offering a team approach, which means that you will come to know a group of specialists who will work very closely together and visit you at your home and in the community.

ACT is licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health. Our team includes a psychiatrist, nurses, social workers, a vocational specialist, substance abuse specialist and a peer specialist.

With your permission, we will work collaboratively with other service providers and your family members.

Fee: There is no fee for this program.

For more information about ACT, contact:

Agnes Gambale
Act Team Leader
845.267.2172 x308