For Families: Consumer Family Outreach

If you are trying to find help for and better understand the emotional difficulties of a loved one who is not fully engaged in treatment, you might the find the education, resources, and compassion provided by Consumer Family Outreach to be helpful.

We can assist you in better understanding the emotional ups and downs that come with mental illness and empower you to find the assistance that your loved one needs. We may also be able to reach out to your loved one if s/he is not currently receiving treatment or has not remained engaged in treatment at existing programs.

Our staff includes a professional clinician and a family peer, who has personally experienced the struggles and rewards of advocating for a loved one. We also involve peers who have mental illness to work with families.

We understand that you may have already tried many avenues to help your loved one and may be feeling frustrated from these efforts. To better accommodate you and the many families we help in similar situations, we are flexible in our hours and can offer lots of help over the phone.


There is no fee.