For Families & Friends: Patient Parenting Classes

Does your child have emotional ups and downs that are really stressful to the family?
Do you feel that it’s getting harder for you to stay in control of your own anger?
Do you wish for relaxing evenings when everyone is enjoying each other’s company?

If the answer is “Yes!” please consider joining us for Patient Parenting, a 6-week course where you will learn with other parents to:

  • Stay calm and help your child develop self-control                                 
  • Enrich relationships with your children
  • Reinforce your child’s positive behaviors
  • Open lines of communication with your child
  • Increase your own self-confidence as well as that of your children`

This course is offered in English and Spanish several times each year.

Whenever possible, all caregivers in a family are encouraged to attend together.

For more information on Patient Parenting, please call:

Madlen Setian
Parent Partner,
267-2172, x281

Rosa Liyim (Spanish-speaking)
Parent Partner,
267-2172, x273